Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dream Big

When I was planning this page, I got choked up. When I completed this page, my mom and I both got choked up. It is because of one reason....our love for sweet, beautiful Brooke. She is my niece and I am so proud of her. I had taken this picture the day after her 20th birthday when we were all together. I wanted some non-traditional birthday pictures to scrapbook, so I asked her to go outside. The sky was a magical shade of blue that day. I am in awe everytime I look at this picture. It shows what a beautiful young woman she has become. It looks like she is dreaming about her hopeful future, so that's why I titled the page Dream Big. I love you Brooke! You are such a blessing to so many people! Remember to hold fast to your love of Jesus and you'll soar like an eagle with wings.

Here's a close up of the details. I traced the light blue journaling box using another die-cut shape I had on my table. I used Whisper White craft ink to color all the bare chipboard. The clear butterflies were adhered with skinny sticky tape and then I added small bling stones in the centers. I wanted this page to have a very soft feel with her picture as the focal point. This is the first of three scrapbook pages I am entering in the local fair next month. I wonder how I'll do. I've never entered before and decided to try something new.

Tomorrow I'll show the Paradise page I did about Julie and Josh. Thursday I'll show the Inked page I did about my nephew Charles. These two pages are the others I'll be entering in the fair. Julie, Brooke and Charles are the three most special "kids" in my life and always have been. :)

I sat here searching for a song to go with this post. I searched key words on playlist.com and after quite a while and no real luck....I decided to just post this cool techno mix of an old favorite Eurythmics song, Sweet Dreams. Click HERE to listen, then click the little arrow to play the song. Stand up and get your techno groove on! LOL Too funny that I used to go dancing to techno so often in college. Ah, the memories!

Ok, mom...now go listen to THIS one...it's a mix of Depeche Mode and Eurythmics. Neat, huh? Were you bobbin' your head? LOL I bet! LOL

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