Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun At Joan's House

Four of us got together at Joan's house Saturday and cropped 'til we dropped! Here are a few highlights.

Connie was working on an 8x8 album about her friend's adorable Dauschund Roxy. She's going to give it to Robin for a birthday gift. This is a funny layout about how Roxy loves to "dismember" her stuffed toys. (click for a closer look and to read the journaling). I asked Connie if I could post this because it totally cracked me up!

Joan was ecstatic when she discovered something on the Cricut. Once she cut out the brackets from her tan cardstock, she was thrilled to see that the shape left between the brackets could easily be cut out and used for a journaling block on her pages. A bonus if you ask me! I told her it would be neat to add bling, an eyelet or a brad to the top and bottom points of the shape for some fun detailing. Just one more reason to hoard those Cricut cutout scraps! LOL

We strategically arranged (or well, should I say rearranged) her house to fit both big tables in her family room. We sat two to a table and had the Cricut on the other table by the front door. We blocked that door big time! I told them in case of fire at least there is a back door. We had the Olympics on the tv (muted) and jammed to some 80s tunes on the radio. There is never a lack of love, laughs and sincere friendship when Mom, Connie, Joan and I scrap together. I truly consider those times a blessing! It's my turn to hostess next so we'll have to plan a date soon!

Joan really spoiled us yesterday since she was the hostess. She made monkey bread and served it with fresh fruits and juice for breakfast. Then, we enjoyed sloppy joes, relish tray, homemade apple sauce, crackers, pretzels and cheeseball for lunch. She made her homemade lasagna, garlic bread, & cole slaw for supper. Dessert was a Paula Dean yummO!! cookie/pie that resembled a giant peanut butter cookie with a chocolate crust. Connie shared the cheeseball and pie. Joan introduced us to "kentucky candy". Although made in Virginia, these sugar stick candies are what her family buys when visiting Kentucky...thus the nickname. She had cream flavored and an assorted box. A new yum for us to try! Joan also burned off about a zillion calories running upstairs or downstairs to get us much-needed supplies. That's the beauty of visiting each other's homes for these crops. We love to share with each other...and let me tell you, we have a lot of stuff to share! LOL

Mom and I left Joan's house about 2am and I went to bed around 3am. Needless to say, I did not get up for church this morning (bad girl!) and slept well into the afternoon. I'm like a zombie today! I am only working Mon-Wed this week so I hope to have a fun, long weekend. I'll be back later this week with highlights from the layouts I completed. Happy Sunday!

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