Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Blessing

Today is Kevin's birthday. He went golfing with his dad earlier this morning and I got to sleep in. Once I got up, he decided to take a nap (yes, we love our bed!). So, I just stayed in my jammies, watched stampin' videos online and played some in my craft area. To my great surprise, the doorbell rang. I was in shock because I was in my jammies, had severe bedhead and knew I had to go to the door (both cars are home, so they knew we were here!). I was pleasantly surprised to see Lisa at the door with a bag full of goodies...just because. I was traumatized that she saw me all ragged and unshowered, but wow what a blessing! She and her family were heading from Ashland to Kidron, then back home to Columbus. They are making stops at the grandparents' houses to celebrate her son's 4th b-day. I wanted to post this before I do finally get a shower and Kevin and I go to dinner for his birthday, etc. Happy Saturday!

The new TAC catalog, lots of stamped images that I can create cards with, chipboard, coasters, shaped white chipboard pieces, snowflakes brads, ribbon, a clear paint can, a beautiful mini journal and a gorgeous hat pin. Wow!

Here's a close up of my two fav items! :) My heart is swelling. I feel so special today...even with my bedhead! LOL Thank you, Lisa! I hope you've recovered from the bedhead exposure! LOL

I have some layouts to share from last night's cropping time with my mom. Check back tomorrow for the first one.

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