Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here's the last of the three pages I'm entering in the fair. This is my 19-year-old nephew Charles. He's quite mischievous in ways. In fact, I didn't know he had a tattoo until Father's Day this year. It peeked out from under his sleeve and then I got a better look. I asked him when he got it and said it was a couple years old. Doh! Shows you what I know. LOL I remember when he was born. He was so tiny (preemie) and I was scared to hold him. For years, we called him Little Man. He was the cutest little boy ever! He gives great hugs and has such a tender heart. He is a gifted guitar player and has a good sense of humor just like his dad! It's just he and his dad now. He lost his mom a few years ago. I can't imagine being a young man growing up without a mom. Thankfully he has the support of the rest of our family. I'd love to see him thrive in music or art. I just love this "little man". :)

You can click for a closer look, but I've also posted pics of the details below. Just ignore the cutting mat showing around the edges.

The star and the "I" are both chipboard. I covered the star with a piece of crumpled black cardstock. The "I" has patterned paper and inked the edges and surface. I stapled the rest of the letters of the title. Those letters were from a sheet of patterned paper. I cut it up to get the letters I needed. I love this wide twill tape from SU! I frayed the ends for more texture on the page.

I tried to use some more masculine elements on this page. I chose the stars and the screwhead brads. The black cardstock strip is crumpled, too.

I used the Papertrey Ink stamp set Simple Alphabet for my journaling. You can also see the staples in the top right corner (maybe if you squint). They kind of blend in on this photo.

Here's the eyeball with a skullhead moon surrounding it. This pic was printed in wallet size. I'm not a fan of tattoos, but to each his own. I just think it's neat that Charles drew his tattoo design. I'll have to ask him if it has some special meaning or not. He loves rock 'n roll music, so maybe it just goes along with that whole Bad to the Bone theme. LOL He might have a manly tat, but that boyish grin and his tender heart don't fool me. HERE is a tune to go with the manly tattoo. Enjoy and rock on!

I finally told Kevin I was off Thursday and Friday this week. I had intended for a surprise for him, but money is too tight this week to pull it off. I told him I'd do it later when funds allow. I'll just do misc. around the house, organize things and probably pull weeds again outside. Blehkkkkkk! Weeds, weeds...they're gonna kill me! I think they grow taller daily just to spite me. LOL I'm a bit excited that I have off work until Tuesday! Hmm...I smell some crafting time! oh yeah...and cleaning and laundry and organizing and cooking and dishes and...LOL

Instead of his birthday surprise, he'll get the three little things he wants for now....a banana split, a CD and a magazine subscription. Easy for me! I just cracked up at the banana split request. That man loves his treats!

I am taking Wanda to her doctor's appointment today, then she wants to treat me to Pizza Hut buffet. She called me Wednesday night to ask me. Of course, I said YES! I love pizza! Yummo!

Happy Thursday!

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Lisadwb said...

Cool layout. Good luck at the fair.
Is Wanda doing better, poor thing.
Enjoy your time off.
Oh, BTW- did you know that when you pull a weed 10 more come to it's funeral? LOL Seriously, the neighbors are always asking HB how to get rid of their weeds. I does pay to have an Agronomist for a husbum!!