Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nature's Beauty

The beauty in nature is one of my many delights in life! Here are a few pics I took last week.

Kevin's mom gave us this lily just after we moved into our house. It has bloomed each year without fail and is such a welcome delight. I am in awe when I really look closely at how complex each of God's creations are. He is truly THE artist of life! The rest of the pictures were taken at my parents' house. They live just outside the city limits and have luscious green grass, gorgeous trees, blooming flowers, several birds and little creatures. There's always something fun to see and watch there.

Oh I love the gradation of colors in each flower petal. It goes from that sunny yellow to a deeper golden hue. Look at the fuzzy texture of the brown centers. Doesn't it make you smile!?! :)

Hydrangeas are one of my favorites! I love the contrast of the creamy lavender against the deep green leaves of this one. The jagged edge of each leaf reminds me of my pinking scissors. I love that each leaf has such deliberate and noticable veins.

If you look closely, you'll see a sweet little hummingbird resting on the metal butterfly. It was flapping its wings. There were a few there this particular evening and it was fascinating to watch them drink from the feeder and rest on the metal butterfly. They just zip around so fast!

Macy kept watching the hummingbirds. All she could think about is that they are about the size of a chicken nugget. She loves chicken and would probably eat the hummingbird if she could catch it. LOL She is yet another of my life's delights. She makes me laugh so much.

Thank you Lord for all the beauty that surrounds me!

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