Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ok, lots of pictures to share from Saturday....It was time for the annual Balloonfest here in Ashland. Freer Field is literally about two blocks away so it is fun to walk there and see the Balloon Glow at night. About 7pm there were over a dozen balloons flying right over our house. Macy was scared'll see her picture below, too. :(

This one came right over our house. We waved to the people and they waved back. :) Neat! I took these pictures as it got closer....and closer...and closer.

You'll see this one again in the balloon glow pictures below.

I had to zoom in pretty good to get the strawberry one. It was south of our house way in the distance.
This was Macy's reaction before she hustled back in the house. Her tail was totally FLAT! She does not like the sound the balloons make! No way! She kept looking up for the "monsters".

Mom and I walked to Freer Field about 9pm so I got this one picture of the balloon at dusk. I left Macy at home this year since she was spooked. It was a good thing since the field was still quite soggy from Thursday's rain. Kevin stayed home and watched tv (party pooper!? LOL).

One, two, three....GLOW!

See the celestial one on the far right in this pic? That's one that went over our house, too.

The Fourth of July weekend is quite fun in this small town. Lots of families gather to celebrate the freedom we enjoy in this country. God Bless America! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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