Saturday, July 5, 2008

Scallop Edge Tutorial

The Stampin' Up! 3/16" corner rounder is really two punches in one. At a price of $6.95 it really is a great value. This tutorial will show you how to use the punch to create a scallop edge. *click any pic for a closer look*

This is how the punch looks normally, with the guide piece on. I have cut a 1" x 4" piece of cardstock that I can add to the edge of a card. This dimension and technique was used on my Hostess Appreciation Event invitations. I can't show you those quite yet as they aren't mailed and I don't want to ruin the surprise. Once they are mailed, I will show you the card idea and share dimensions, etc. :)

Carefully remove the plastic guide and set aside.

Use a pencil to mark the center on the edge of your cardstock. It can easily be erased later.

Turn the punch upside down and align center of punch with pencil mark on cardstock.

This is what your edge looks like after the first punch. Kind of looks like a smile. :)

Place the cardstock back in the punch and line up the edge of the first punch with the upward curve of the punchout area. Continue this step along the edge of cardstock until the entire edge is scalloped. Always work from the center to left, then center to right to finish the edge.

This is what your finished edge will look like. Easy, huh? The reason I choose to mark my center with a pencil mark is so my scallops come out even on each side. Try it!

Ok, we're off to Balloonfest soon. Gotta slather on sunscreen and grab my camera. See you again soon!

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