Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Goofy Tuesday

Ever have one of those days that seems to start off on a bad note, then ends with you counting even the smallest blessings? Well, yep that was Tuesday for me. I woke up to no phone, no internet and a case of "wanna go back to bed". I think the fact that I work alone on Tuesdays makes me feel very overwhelmed before I even get to the office. It can get psycho in medical records of an office with over 20,000 patients! I know it's a blessing to work where I do or to even be employed in today's economy. I don't take that for granted. I just think the cranky monster wakes me up some days. As women, aren't we allowed to be cranky some days as a given? LOL *wink*

It rained HARD here this afternoon. As I heard the rain hitting the office roof and watched it pour over the gutters of our building, I dreaded to think what I might discover in the basement at home. ( Thank God it was dry! Yeah! ) The one bummer is that the drain in our back yard always overflows right into our landscaping and washes out the mulch. It is right behind where Macy is in this picture. Remember I told you we worked in the heat for FIVE hours the other day? We pulled weeds and spread bags of mulch. It is amazing how much time and effort it takes.
So when I got home I noticed the "flood" in our far back yard. I made supper, called the cable company about our phone/internet outage and finally went out to survey the "swamp". LOL This spot near the dogwood tree was exposed down to raw dirt and remnants of weeds I must have missed. *rolls eyes* I had done Preen and probably a whole bag of mulch here. It got washed to the left almost to the neighbor's fence.

You know what? I did start out with a cranky day, but it didn't last long. See, you thought I was going to complain through the whole post and you may have already clicked off here. I had told myself if the phone was out at home, no big deal. We were both at work and I was thankful we had the cell. If the internet was down, it's only an inconvenience. I started to literally count my blessings for today and the list continued to grow. When I got to work I checked the office schedule by my desk and assessed who was where, who was on call, what nurses were on, etc. Then, I saw it....the little saying of the week was on the bottom of the sheet. I have read it continually since posting my new schedule. It says: "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it." Bingo! Ah-ha! Yes! See, it was the kick in my fanny I needed.

So, no phone...We've got the cell.
No internet... No big deal.
Water in the basement perhaps? Ah, it will wipe up.
Working alone on a busy day....Hey, I've got a job!
Flooding in the mulch?....Nothing a rake won't fix.

I simply had to change the way I was thinking about a lot of things and man did God open my eyes to the smallest blessings around me. *sniffle* Stop every now and then and really think about how you think. It will amaze you I bet.

Once my eyes were opened, look what I saw. Fresh raindrops on the hosta flowers. Beautiful. It was so quiet and fresh and calm outside this evening. I just drank in the blessings.

I love little lightning bugs. Look at this little guy on the leaf of the hosta. For all I know he was the same one who was flying through the yard after dark....just doing what he's supposed to...shining his little light for us to see. *sniffle*

Ok, I really think there needs to be a hormonal intervention here SOON! LOL This is gettin' crazy now.

Oh and now you are wondering why there are no crafty things to show today? Well, mom and dad's card still hasn't gotten to them. I mailed it here on Sunday night and it goes to Mansfield post office for processing then back here to be sorted/delivered. I'm shocked they didn't get it today. Once I know they have it, I'll post it. I will also post the Hostess invite once they're in their hot little hands, too.

OH and one final thought....the cable guy HAS to be related to Mel Gibson. Hands down. LOL Even Macy liked him! LOL Can you say ice blue eyes? *faints*

Yes, I love my husband. Yes, I love my husband. Yes, I....well, just don't get any ideas girls. I just said the guy had NICE ICE BLUE EYES! The most important part....my internet and phone work again! *doing the happy dance*

Uh, anyone got any chocolate? Whoops, I already had a snickers today. *chuckle*

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