Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keepin' It Simple...3 Ingredients

These two cards only have three ingredients to their "recipe"...cardstock, patterned paper and ink. The first one is the missing anniversary card to my parents. I have decided that either the post office troll ate it or I forgot to add postage to it before putting it in the big blue mail bin in Ashland. *sigh* Mom and Dad...I'll make it up to you with a new handmade card soon. :) xoxo

The second card is one of the thank you cards I made for my husband to send to loved ones who attended or acknowledged his recent graduation. I kept both cards very simple and flat for easy mailing. I did add some detail of punches or inked edges so it wasn't so boring. Sometimes all you need is the basics...paper and ink. I love easy! All supplies are Stampin' Up! On each card, I have used retired stamps and patterned paper from my stash. *click for a close-up*

I've had kind of a bum day. My crazy neck has been killing me so I got a Rx from the doc. I hope to relieve my pain and sleep like a baby tonight. See, I told you I have HAD IT with mulching. I think it's why my neck is wacky. It all stems from my shoulder injury five years ago. The weirdest things bug it and it flares up with pain/stiffness in my jaw, neck and shoulder. I'll be back to my peppy self soon I hope.

I will be out of town Friday night and all day Saturday so no blogging until probably Sunday or Monday. It might be slim pickin' next week, too, as I'll be racing to get last-minute details done for my lovely hostesses. Everyone have a good weekend and I'll be back as soon as I can. :)

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