Thursday, July 24, 2008

Celebrating Brooke

We gathered at mom and dad's Wednesday night to celebrate my niece Brooke's 20th birthday. She was born on July 22nd, but she was in town from Akron on the 23rd. It was nice to sit down, eat good food, and share laughs and love. Our family gatherings are always a blessing.

Twenty years went by really fast! I remember the first time I saw her in the nursery at the hospital. She had soft, dark hair and was all bundled up. Now she has grown up to be a hard-working, fun-loving independent young woman. I am so very proud of my niece!

She is the one that I can share my true goofiness with and she "gets it". I love that she has her mom's dark hair and her dad's blue eyes. She has a gentleness that for a few years she hid away as she was becoming her own person (aka teenage years). She is a good friend to those who love her and she is always willing to give a good hug.

She probably has secrets and things I'll never know about her, but I do know this...I love her so very much! She is thoughtful and appreciative. She also knows what she wants!

This is my favorite picture I took of her today. It shows her beauty and reminds me to always encourage her as she pursues her dreams. In twenty short years, she has emerged from a shy little girl to a beautiful butterfly. I love you, Brooke! Happy Birthday!

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