Monday, July 7, 2008

Rhonda's Frame

My sister just redecorated her bedroom in these colors. This is one of her throw pillows. She is deciding accessories and she needed a small frame on top of her chest to fill a spot. I told her I'd decorate a frame for her (it's from her own craft I painted the frame brown, but it wasn't the right color. Then I added some Really Rust craft ink randomly and it wasn't quite right. I finally dug through my paper scraps and found a patterned brown piece. I glued it on, then inked the edges brown. Well, it wasn't dark enough so I used the charcoal ink on the edges. Well, it STILL wasn't what I wanted so I got out my Twinkling H2Os and added some shimmer. I used my stipple brush and a mesh pouncer tool to get just the right amount. So, are you wondering if it was done then? Uh, no....LOL....I added some 1/4" punched cardstock squares on the frame. I figured she could use this as a regular frame, but I decided to make it something special from me so I stamped the sentiment on cardstock vellum. Under the vellum are more cardstock squares which mimic the pillow pattern. (colors used: Soft Sky, Basic Gray, Really Rust, River Rock) Ok, now it's done. I won't even tell you about the glue puddle that happened when I glued in the peg that helps the frame stand up. Let's just say I was kinda glad when I got this project "just right" after all. *sigh* LOL!!! *click pic for a closer look* Note to self: don't squeeze the glue bottle so hard next time! from sister's stash
Cardstock, ink and H2Os...mere pennies
The fact that my sister will see this every day and know she's a blessing to me...PRICELESS!!!

I have to tell you about Sunday. Kevin and I spent FIVE hours outside in 80+ degree weather! Oh my! I hate weeds. I hate mulch. I hate pulling weeds to spread mulch. I hate sweating. I hate bugs. Yes, I said hate. I might be a bit harsh in my description, but man was it hot and sticky and buggy and weedy and mulchy. I can see why we don't do this every summer. Are we done yet? Nope! Got two more spots to do still. Oh brother! *faints* Ya think PMS is getting the best of me right now? LOL! Dude, there were A LOT of weeds out there! Thank God for Gatorade. That stuff rocks!

I have nothing on my calendar this week! AMEN! I plan to rest, relax and rejuventate. I did find time Sunday night to craft while I did laundry. I have a few more things to share later this week. Shocker? I have been so mojoless lately.

Oh, and guess what? I took the Hostess Appreciation Event invitations to the post office Sunday night! WOO HOO!!!! *doing the happy dance, bobbing head and raising arms in air*

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