Sunday, May 4, 2008

We Ain't Right!!

This is what being up since 6:20 on a very rainy Saturday looks, who can help but get a LITTLE BIT slap-happy after scrappin' for 12+ hours? We ain't right!!

First off, I look like a train wreck. I got up early with the dog, showered, stood in line for Tracy Lawrence tickets (woo hoo 10th row!), got a haircut and left it wacky curly. It was a blustery wet day so why bother with the straightening deal. Then, Mom and I headed to Connie's to scrapbook with her and Joan. The headband went on my head soon after arriving so then the big forehead is in plain sight! LOL

I was innocently creating cards and when I discovered the one scrap looked like glasses, the whole she-bang started. Connie also had a punch scrap so we both created gorgeous glasses for the occasion. It helped us choose cardstock colors better since our eyesight improved drastically. LOL It's possibly a "you had to be there" thing, but man were we crackin' up. When don't the four of us have fun? Never! So, this is what our National Scrapbooking Day looked like....a train wreck on crack! Oh, yeah...wait 'til I post my "Ralph Crack" card. You'll die laughing, too!

These gorgeous Barely Banana glasses even have a nose notch and some ear notches. Punches are fabulous for creating just the perfect style! LOL
I think these might fit Spongebob better than Connie, but she's got it goin' on!!

My mom was laughing so hard trying to take the picture that is was blurry. I told her to save it as it captures the type of fun we have together. I promise, no rubber stamps were harmed in the making of these horrid pictures. LOL Uh, yeah...and the only thing we were doped up on was the awesome food Connie made for us...uh, yeah and a LITTLE bit of chocolate. Ah, it's fun to have fun. *exhale* LOL
Connie dared me and I really posted these. Now, I'll go apply some concealer and fix this crazy the morning! It's now 1:49am! LOL
Stay tuned for more highlights of this great day....some stamped cards. I'll post them later this week.

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