Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Nature is the art of God. Well, I certainly believe that! I am so grateful for all the beautiful things of Nature around me each season. I had shared these pics of my precious daffodils back in April, started the page soon after and finally added the journaling just today. You'll have to click the pic for a closer look to see the details. I had to take the pic at a goofy angle to eliminate the shiny flash spot. Things to look for: tiny white rub-on letters, white craft ink on photo edges, fun bling circles on lower pics, tiny bling stone in corners of page, the yummy textured green ribbon (have it in several colors!) and the journaling. Ah, yes, the journaling. I consider this page a gift to God for giving me these precious daffodils each Spring. It says:

When the daffodils bloom in Spring, it puts a smile in my heart. It's as if God places them there just for me. I say thank you each time I see their perfect yellow blooms. God shows me He loves me even with the blooming of the daffodils. April 2008

Well, my vacation comes to a close today. It's back to work tomorrow. Back to the day-to-day routine that helps pay the bills, keep order in the house and essentially help others. Working in a medical office makes me appreciate my health so much! We lost three patients this week and it's sometimes hard to say goodbye to those you've come to know even on a professional level. If what I get paid to do each day makes one of those lives richer for just a moment, it's all worth waking up for....even though I detest my alarm clock. Ok, ok...I'll go set it even though this week I've forgotten how to for several days. Does having Macy wake me between 6-7am count as an alarm clock? Uh, I think so...

Thanks for stopping by. Oh and yes, I did get the weeds pulled this weekend. My small muscle groups are certainly screaming tonight! Man, you gotta love squatting and stooping...not!

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