Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ahhh....glorious spring!

I decided to share these beautiful blooms that I took pics of Sunday after church. Spring is such a happy time. I am delighted in the colors, the birds chirping and the warmer breeze. We expect a cold snap tonight so I hope it doesn't affect my flowers outside. This week I am really battling severe allergy symptoms(despite medication), so I feel a bit zapped. I haven't created any other cards since Sunday night. I'll try to upload more "crafty" photos later this week or after my scrappin' fun at Connie's this weekend. I just took some cough medicine and I feel like the screen is a bit sideways....gotta love the effects of codeine. LOL Hopefully, it will kick this cough so I can get some good rest tonight. Kevin is still battling his bronchitis so we're just balls of fire here this week...NOT! Anyway, here's the pics...hope everyone is having a good week!
More Johnny-jump-ups hiding behind the daffodils under our kitchen window. Those little boogers really do jump up everywhere! Love it!
I have tons of grape hyacinths in the flowerbed near the garage. I gasp at the thought that I used to think they were weeds or wild onions because of their little bulbs and yanked some out! LOL I am certainly not a plant guru! LOL
Kevin and my dad planted this pink dogwood six years ago when we bought our house. It's now taller than the wooden fence out back. Grow, baby, grow! Love the color of its blooms!
This dogwood was planted by the previous homeowners. It always reminds me of the dogwood in our yard in Kentucky where I grew up. That tree was big enough that I could climb it. Such great memories of when I was young! When I see the colors of spring I thank God for my eyesight and that I am alive and well enough to get out and enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by!
On a side note: Kevin finishes school next Friday and will begin looking for a new job. Please keep us in your prayers as the next chapter of our life begins. It's been a very long two years from the time his company announced they were closing until the actual job loss, unemployment fiascos and schooling. I'm ready to exhale. I know God has it under control, and I'm ready for the next step.

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