Friday, April 4, 2008

My beautiful "baby"...

This is a page I did on Sunday. After scrapbooking with mom and Tammy all day Saturday, I was on a roll. I have been psycho busy this week, so I am just now posting another page from last weekend. My taxes are done and the refund's on its way! Ya'll probably think I'm crazy since I scrapbook my dog, but for now in my life (since we have no kids) she is my "baby". I guess if I had a baby, I'd substitute his/her pic on this fancier layout or even a beautiful bride/wedding picture. However, my doggie is a very dainty girl and so I used her as my inspiration. The soft white fur, the soft pink inner ear and those gorgeous little puppy eyelashes! Yes, I love my dog. I often say....if it weren't for her, I'd be insane. At the most stressful time in my life, she has been my sanity. I thank God for her. He knew I needed a sweet little Macy in my life. *sniffle*
Anyway... about the layout. Notice how the largest portion of things are positioned to the right-hand side of the layout. It reminds me of the "align right" option you have when typing a document. I had seen a layout online the other day and it inspired me to shift my design to the right. With the direction Macy is looking, your eye flows that way anyway. I used whisper white, light grey textured and basic gray cardstocks. I wanted a hint of pink as an accent, so I chose vellum for that layer. I rounded the corners to soften the lines, added some felt hearts, clear bling brads, ribbons and a layered sentiment piece. The saying is a rub-on and I used the round tab, small oval and large oval punches. OH and who can forget that gorgeous lace cardstock!?! I got that at my LSS for a great price! I wanted to balance the darker grey color in the design, so I stamped the flower from the Stampin' Up! set called Together Forever under the vellum and ribbon. I love that set!
Thanks for letting me share my "baby" page! I hope you'll be inspired to create a fancy page about someone/something that makes you happy. And, don't be afraid to try the "align right" look.
Have a blessed weekend!

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