Monday, April 7, 2008

Mr. Cactus

I created this layout about our plant "Mr. Cactus" last weekend. This layout may not be special to anyone else, but it means even more to me today than it did when I created it. I found out today that our former neighbor who gave us Mr. Cactus passed away Friday. The journaling says: When Rev. Black got remarried and moved out of the neighborhood we got to "adopt" this Christmas cactus. Since I have to name all of my plants he affectionately became Mr. Cactus. He usually blooms sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in March of 2008 he certainly surprised us with five luscious HOT PINK blooms!

Periodically we'd run into Rev. Black or his wife and I would always tell them how the cactus was doing. What Rev. Black didn't know is that his act of kindness in sharing the plant and allowing us to see its beautiful blooms was a blessing beyond measure.

Goodbye old friend...

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