Thursday, June 4, 2009

Zap! Zap!

This morning I had my EMG (nerve conduction test) at the hospital in Mansfield. It confirmed I have carpal tunnel in both wrists, with the right being worse than the left. I already knew this from my symptoms getting worse, but it had to be confirmed with a test. The test really was not bad. The doctor placed electrodes on my hand/wrist area. He has this zapper thing (oh, such a technical word) that he would touch to my arm in different places. There were a series of "zaps" or what felt like static electricity in my arm, and that caused my hand to involuntarily twitch or move. Then he poked various muscles with a needle to test the current of the nerves. I'd say the one under my arm near the elbow was the ouchy one, but I have to say I could do that test every day as it wasn't that bad. Kevin and I stopped at Bob Evans for a yummy breakfast and by the time I got home, there was a message from my family doctor about my test. I have two options: injections of Kenalog in my wrists or surgery. Since I have to build up more short term disability time and can't afford to be off work that long right now, I will be doing injections once Dr. R is back from vacation. It will help soothe the symptoms until I can build up more short term disability time and take off work. I was making goofy noises in the car and telling Kevin about it. He asked me if Dr. Tan put the electrode on my head and zapped what is between my ears. Silly boy! LOL! Uh, no! I am abnormal in a lot of ways, but..... :)

Heading south to Grove City at 2pm today to decorate and the rehearsal is at 5:30pm and dinner at 7pm. Then, tomorrow is the big day! I'll hopefully have some good snapshots to share this weekend. The weather is stunning today and looks like no rain tomorrow. Wow! How awesome is that?!

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