Monday, June 8, 2009

The Reception

Instead of typical guest favors, Julie chose to have a candy table. Guests could fill their own goody bag with treats or take one of the many that were already made up. She loved it! They had some of their engagement photos on display. Click for a closer look. That one in the 8x10 looks like a magazine ad. I told you Kristen was an artist photographer! Wow! They were genuinely laughing there and that makes it even more special.
The little labels are hand-stamped sticky sheets that were punched out and the bags are filled with Hershey's kisses and M&Ms. Yum!
Some tables had three pearl-covered candles on black candle holders and black & white photos of Josh and Julie. Guests could take the photos for a keepsake. The black linens made the room look so elegant. Of course, there's the accent of hot pink in the napkins and centerpieces.
Other tables had either white or pink topiaries and tealight candles. Julie wanted an elegant candlelit atmosphere. All the candles were awesome once the sun went down.
They chose to have a Columbus bakery called Piece of Cake make their cake. I tried both kinds, chocolate and white with raspberry or strawberry filling. Yum! My mom added some pink and black mini roses and ribbon to the cake knife and server. There were black and hot pink accents all over the place! :)
The fresh flowers and "S" on the top made the cake so very elegant! Man, I've gotta find out who has the leftovers! It was yuuuuummmmy!
This is from the sand ceremony and was brought inside to the bride and groom table. See how the white was there, then the moms added their individual colors, and finally Josh and Julie's were mixed. We packed it carefully for them to take home, so hopefully it isn't too messed up and they can enjoy it for years to come.
The traditional first dance as husband and wife. The sun was setting and it would shine onto their backs as they danced round and round. So precious! I loved how it seemed no one else was in the room while they danced. Whew...pass me a Kleenex!
Julie and her dad for the "daddy dance". I'm not sure the name of the song played then, but it said something like "I loved her first" and it talks about how the dad sees the daughter in love and reminds the guy that daddy loved her first. It is a tear-jerker.
Josh and his mom Sherri. I really didn't know the song he chose for this one, but it was definitely a song written for a mom. I'll have to get all those details from Josh and Julie so I can journal it in a scrapbook properly. I'd like to listen to both songs again, too.
Julie's friend Amanda caught the toss bouquet. Her dress is cute enough to be a bridesmaid! The color matches and all! :)
Julie was highly embarrassed by this part. How cute. I'm sure Josh was lovin' it! LOL!!!
Funny thing...Amanda's boyfriend caught the garter. Hmmm...wonder if they will be next! :)
Josh and Julie sat at our table to watch the slide show of them "through the years". I loved this shot and how they were just so content side by side. Ah...I get teary-eyed yet again when I see this. They are just so precious together. All I have ever wanted is for anyone I love to find happiness. I see that blessing in both their eyes. *sniffle*
Julie e-mailed from Paris today and told about what they've seen and done so far. Tomorrow they are off to Venice. Whoa! How cool is that?!
Ok, trying to get caught up with everything this week...including laundry. I got groceries tonight and have a low-key week ahead. Someday soon I hope to share something crafty again. Thanks for letting me share all this wonderful wedding stuff. See ya!

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