Saturday, June 27, 2009

Burdette Wedding

Kevin's co-worker Chris got married today. The weather was perfect!
Erin's dad passed away about 7 years ago and she had a memorial spot for him near the altar.
I don't know the correct seamstress term for how her dress is made, but it had a neat billowy bottom. I took all the pics after the ceremony so things were all "staged". :) Kiss kiss!
You'll see the tractor that Erin and Chris are sitting on below. The girls had pretty beaded blue dresses and the guys wore matching blue ties. Kevin's office manager (and owner of the tractor) is the 2nd guy from the right.
Ok, they had to do a crazy shot. Erin showed off her John Deere garter and pink shoes. :)
Kevin kept drooling on the tractor. He'd love to have one again, but I asked him what evening job he was going to get to pay for one and he laughed. Oh well...besides, we have no place to put a tractor. Erin and Chris rode down the country road and back on the tractor. They are hilarious!
Then, they took a spin in Ron's BMW. He's the branch manager and this is his "my kids are out of college" present to himself. LOL! I was surprised he let Erin drive it. She only went 35mph so he can exhale now. LOL!
They had everyone move inside for the cake cutting. The heat would have melted it in a heartbeat. It was starting to lean already actually. Her one bridesmaid made her cakes. They were yummy! Vanilla with a strawberry filling. Kevin and I split a piece since it was so super sweet.
Chris really likes John Deere tractors the best, so this was so appropriate for the wedding. The Kenny Chesney song by that title was playing as we left the reception.
This is Chris and Erin's daughter Olivia ("Livy Bug"). She was born in February. They woke her up from a sound sleep to take some pictures and this was the expression I got when I took her picture. She just wanted to go back to sleep. She is so precious.
Erin's friend has this beautiful home and backyard patio area where the wedding and reception were held. I didn't get any good pics of the landscaping or stone walls. Everything was just beautiful as was the inside of her house! Perfect setting for a perfectly happy day!
Whew....four down, zero to go. The summer wedding marathon is now over. All of them had good weather. Wow! That's amazing, huh?
I picked up my new Stampin' Up! catalog today. My friend Joan is now a demonstrator. I will now go and drool on each page as I devour the ideas and see the new goodies.'s like a drug. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I am not insane. I just like the stamping/scrapbooking hobby.

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