Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a Hot One!

Whew! Kevin said the temp was about 90 today. I was outside after work for a bit and now I know why I was so hot in such a short time. I get hot easily whether I'm working outside in 70 degree weather or 90 degree weather. LOL! It was just plain hot to me, I guess. Oh, and there were two serious dork moments today. First, I ran the weed eater and for the life of me couldn't understand why it would NOT cut very well. Kevin later told me it has no string in it! Duh! Then, I couldn't find my debit card. I retraced my steps to the car wash on Sunday where I got my dad's gift certificates. I called. They had it. I picked it up. I have NEVER lost something important like that. What a dork!'s a hot one! Hope you all stayed cool today!
This is where Jack lays when I blog or surf the net. Right under Momma's chair. Look at his precious face. Gotta love this little man.
I got a new squeaky toy at Wal-Mart the other day since Mr. Squeaker has a little hole in him. I figured this might be a good back up. Here are the boys checking it out. Jack isn't too sure about noisy toys and tends to ignore them. Riley, however, is Mr. Make Noise A Lot! LOL!
Yep, he likes it! It's a bit quieter than Mr. Squeaker. It fits his little mouth just right. We've seen Jack sniff it or put it in his mouth. He'll periodically run away with it or push it with his nose. But, no noise making for him. LOL!
Life moves pretty fast when you're a dog. Even when Momma brings home big kickballs for you to play with, you've still gotta check out the other sniffin' in the yard. Riley was pawing his like a hamster rides in a wheel. Jack just sniffed his. He's a weirdo. He just wants his chewy toys. I would kick these and they'd run after them. I bet the neighbors were thinking I was nuts. Playing kickball with dogs. Oh well. Doesn't that count as exercise? LOL!
Speaking of exercise...this is me at the Y today.------^ *snicker* I went for a little swimmy swim while Kevin was at work. I love that mostly older folks go to the adult open swim time. I feel sort of buff being the young one.....not! LOL! Every time I put on my bathing suit, I think "this is not pretty!" Oh well....kicky kick.... swimmy swim....I'm gonna do it anyway!
I've been spoiling you readers lately with posts showing projects. I have to also take time to share life's randomness every now and then. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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