Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ashley's Wedding

Our dear friend Ashley married Andy, the love of her life, today. She is truly one of the nicest people we know. She and Andy have dated for several years and begin their happy new life together now as husband and wife. Their ceremony was filled with memories, Godly advice, laughter and a few wet eyes...mine included. I loved the look on her face as she walked down the aisle. It was a mix of nerves and emotions. I loved it! The neat thing is that once they were announced as husband and wife, the processional was Burnin' Love by Elvis Presley. You know how it goes...."hunka hunka burnin' love". Too cute! It added a smile to everyone's face.
I remember hearing her tell a story that on the school bus one of them had a backpack with the initials ALB on it. One of them said to the other, "Hey, those are my initials, too." I forget who had the backpack. And, as they say...the rest is history. They became friends, fell in love, and now they still both have the same initials. Ashley went from Ms. Bunn to Mrs. Brown. Kinda neat, huh?
I love these kinds of pictures. The bride and groom will look back many years from now and see how their hands have aged and recount all the memories through the years. I hope they always hold hands and share the happiness of today. Ashley's ring is so pretty. Click the pic for a closer look.
I didn't get a better pic than this of her bridesmaids' dresses. She had a maid of honor and three bridesmaids. Their dresses were chocolate and turquoise. See how they alternated the colors and a band of the accent color? You may have to click the pic for a closer look. I see the girls have their comfy little shoes on here. :) Her flowers were calla lillies and were tied with matching ribbons. The wedding details were simple and elegant and we both had such a great time there today. We were both honored to be invited. ha ha I just noticed...the ring bearer's sippy cup is on the table. His mom is on the left. :)
Ashley's toes even matched her colors. All of the girls wore this same color. Cute!
I got a quick pic of her flower girl, but none of her ring bearer. Both of them were super adorable. Love this little dress and see her matching bracelet? Just precious.
Everyone enjoyed marble cake with chocolate icing. This heart-shaped cake was for the bride and groom.
I thought their cake topper was not only unique, but will be such a nice keepsake.
She had brown tulle, turquoise ribbon, confetti and metal embellishments like this one on each table. She told me to take some of the metal things for scrapbooking. I got this one and a double heart one. She knows the scrapper in me, huh? Ashley is a stamper/scrapper, too!!
I wanted to share this happy occasion and hope you enjoyed the pics! Thanks for stopping by! Or, as Elvis would say...thank you, thank you very much. LOL!

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