Monday, June 15, 2009

Here goes nothing...

Update: Dr. R rocks! He was so precise with the little needle! It hurt no more than a blood draw. Now, over the next two days I'll have increased pain and numbness, but it should get better after that. If not, the injection was a waste. If this works, we'll do the left side next week. Insurance allows only one side per visit...stinkers! Oh, and no Lidocaine. He said he's already adding more fluid to the area with Kenalog, so adding Lidocaine would only make things tighter. I'll just be easy with it for tonight and see how it goes. Piece of cake so far. I wasn't scared, but wondered what would happen after, etc. Dr. R is personally afraid of needles and said I did way better than he would have. Funny to hear that from a doctor! :) It wasn't bad at all. I told him if he was injecting between my toes, then I'd probably flinch big time! Ouch!

Needle anyone? Well, I have an appointment later today for an injection in my right wrist. I am so ready for some relief! I have two cards to post that I made yesterday, so I'll try to come back again. Dr. R said adding more fluid to an already tight spot will cause increased pain, but hopefully I can dope up on anti-inflammatories and keep up my blogging duty here. Then again, it may be a-okey-dokey like the EMG test was a couple weeks ago. We're having steaks on the grill tonight and I need to do that laundry I ignored yesterday. Hope to see you again later. :)

Let do the chant together! Go Kenalog! Go Kenalog! (That's what's in the shot!) Gotta love that Lidocaine they add for numbing, too. Woo hoo!

No, I am not THAT excited for a shot. I think I'm psyching myself up for this. I am not afraid of needles, just don't want more pain. Later!

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