Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet Poppy

My neighbor Sandy has a new puppy named Poppy. She's half Chihuahua and half Beagle. She is the cutest little thing! I went over tonight and clipped her nails for Sandy. She's a kisser and loves attention. She's between 3-4 pounds now. OH, my heart just melts for pups, as you all know very well! :)
Hey, let's play! I love her little paws and ears and face and...well, yeah...all of her is so cute! *squeal* You can't see her little tongue that goes 90mph across my cheek when I pick her up.
She is all ears! It looks like she's saying "Say what?!" LOL! She swims in her collar. She's tiny!
Sandy laughed and said her tail looks like a snake in this picture. True! I can't stand snakes, but I am lovin' this little girl!
She was doing a little dance here. ha ha Yeah, right! More like a gazillion circles and not letting me get a good picture. hee hee
Oh my! Please refrain from kissing the screen....yes, she is THAT cute! :)

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