Friday, June 12, 2009

Catchin' Up

Thought I'd grab a quick minute before heading to bed to post a little something. This week went by quickly and we weren't terribly busy. Yeah! Somehow, my house became a tornado zone. ????? It's as if not being as busy made me less organized. Geesh! :) I did some cleaning tonight and this weekend will mean haircuts, yard work and an anniversary celebration for Kevin's friend's parents. They've been married 50 years! Wow! I did make one card this week and it turned out to be a mom needed a card for a birthday party she's attending on Sunday. Perfect timing! Thank you, Lord!
I used Basic Grey and Bashful Blue cardstocks, Bazzill scalloped strip, white gel pen, PTI set called Guide Lines, Going Grey ink and a sentiment stamp from Joann's.
I cut out the butterfly which I stamped using PTI's Fresh Snow ink. The stamp is from TAC. I added some blue bling for detail and adhered it using a small square dimensional.
I went to Wal-Mart this week and the boys got new chewy bones. They love to sniff the bags to see if they get anything. LOL! They do a happy dance while I open the package! :) Cute!
Yum yum this is quite tasty! Yeah, of course I buy TWO bones, but they still have to fight over the same one. Dogs! You'd think I starve them the way they act some days. LOL!
Jack wanted to show you a trick! He's a silly boy! Humans can ride a bike without holding the handlebars. Jack can hold the bone on his belly with no paws! LOL!
Well, good news and bad news....they have been banned back to their kennels since Riley thinks he needs to use the carpet as a bathroom again. Even thought Jack has never had an accident, I decided to just put both boys back in to make it equal. I just shampooed the carpets a few weeks ago! Jack has never had an accident, but I've heard that Yorkies and other small dogs are known for being hard to potty train. Riley is half Yorkie. I think he's also part TURKEY! *sigh* I don't want to come home each time and have to check the carpet in every room for wet spots! I guess I'll try them out again in a few weeks or months and see how Riley does. He's a weiner head! I think he just plays and plays and then it gets to the point where he can't hold it. I could spend all day trying to figure him out. He also earned a new nickname this past week. Woody Woodpecker. He was chewing the woodwork on the front window when Kevin pulled in the driveway. I put some crushed red pepper on it and he licked it once....twice and that was it! I hope it's the last time. I think he got the hint! So, you can see why I put them both back in the kennels when we're gone....less stress wondering what they're getting into. *sigh* LOL!
Good news is that my employer offers YMCA memberships for half off. I discussed with Kevin that I am tired of looking, weighing and feeling the way I do and have to do something about it. I asked if he wanted to join with me and to make a long story very short, he said yes. I hope you'll see LESS of us as the months go by (weight wise). I hope to improve our quality time together, our health and at least my weight. He's got a bit of a belly, but it's very minor. I just know that overall we'll feel and look better. It's time for me to make a change. It's past time actually. Ugh.
Ok, the boys are ready to go up to bed. I had to type fast. Kevin is feeling better from his bronchitis and the antibiotic is doing its job. The boys and I are moving back to the big bed with Daddy tonight. Ah, I even hear the purring window a/c. Love soft, cool sheets! Mmmm!!!
Thanks for stopping by! I'll post again when I can or if anything crafty is happenin' here!

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