Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a lazy kind of Sunday. I love it when the weather is in the 70s and life just sort of moves at a slower pace. This afternoon we attended a 50th wedding anniversary reception. Kevin has been friends with the Smith family since 7th grade. Of course, being the scrapper that I am, I took my camera. *wink* I got a group pic of Ron and Suzanne with their four children (Mark, Todd, Kent and Laura). They are such a nice family. The weather was perfect for this and they had a great turnout. Ron and Suzanne have lived on the same farm for 50 years and it is a neat as a pin! I loved the peacefulness there and so wish Kevin and I could afford to move to the country. Kevin used to farm with Mark and has been a tractor buddy with Kent for a long time. It was so nice to see some old faces, meet new people and mingle with the Smiths.
Gotta love that "ornery boy" smirk on Kent. Kevin said that is just how he smiles in pictures. Sure makes him look like his son in this one.
As they were getting situated, I caught this shot of them all laughing. It was because Todd groaned after squatting down. I guess he felt his age in his knees! LOL! What a nice family! I'll send copies of these to each group so they have a memory of today. I guess it's my "job" as a scrapper to help preserve those memories. I like that job. :)
Enjoy the rest of this lazy Sunday! Wonder what I'll get into next. Laundry, perhaps? *shrugs shoulders* I kind of like the idea of not doing much of anything right now. Wait...shouldn't I go to my craft area and create? Fat chance.

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