Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Howdy

Just stopping by to say howdy for today. It's my half day off and Kevin's day off this week. We enjoyed lunch together, got a few grocery staples and now we're home relaxing between loads of laundry and rain/thunderstorms. We got soaked on the way out of the grocery and from the car to the house. I decided to just put on my shorty pj's and call it a day. Not sure what I'll get into, but it won't be anything major. I should go work on the scrapbook page I started planning the other day. Below is the other card I made with the Echoes of Kindness set. I forgot to mention that my mom won that set and gave it to me. She's so generous! :) OH, and lastly...the wrist is feeling better! Yeah. I told Dr. R this morning that I was so happy it felt better I could almost get teary-eyed with gratitude. I get the left one injected next Wednesday. He said he must have hit the right spot!! Yeah! I agree!! It wasn't as "dead numb" last night when I slept. It always wakes me up.
The angle of the pic makes the top fold look crooked. It's not, for real. The sentiment is from a really old set called Noteworthy.
Kind of hard to tell, but I added some Glaze pen accents on the flower, leaves and stem. It gives the appearance of clear embossing powder, without the mess. I made this card for someone VERY near and dear to my heart.
Thanks for stopping by!

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