Saturday, February 14, 2009


Joan made this cute card. I love the detail of the ticket corner edges and the Crystal Effects on the stamped heart. Sweet!
Connie made this cute card. She added neat details of the glitter pen, dots around the hearts, a puffy red heart and the heart punched out of the front of the card. Sweet!
Rhonda made this cute and simple card. She and her honey (Tony) actually made a few Valentines together. How cute is that? A GUY stamping with his honey. :) Cute! She said she touched it too soon after stamping onto glossy cardstock, so we have to ignore her smears. That's ok. I was just happy she stamped a card since it's been forever since she did that! :)
She also sent me THIS e-card which is so appropriate for my life right now. Click to view it. You'll probably smile and if you have dogs, you'll probably LAUGH! :) As I type this, the boys are chasing each other, running under the bed to hide and barking at each other. Ah, bliss you say? I just laugh. They are WILD!!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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