Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's a Ruff Life

Doggy life has moved at a normal pace despite Riley having his surgeries Tuesday. The boys have still managed to run, romp and play at normal (aka breakneck) speed. They are hilarious! After Riley wears out and Jack still wants to play "chomp brother's face", then Riley jumps to higher ground for safety. Friday morning while getting ready, I noticed the sudden silence in the living room and went to investigate. Ah ha! Riley had jumped up on the couch and snuggled with the pillows. He must have had enough! :) He has been sleeping a bit more when not playing. His incisions are itching like crazy since they are healing and his belly fur is growing. How annoying it all must be for the little guy! I have to tell you that he actually slept in Friday morning until 6:50am. He is usually ready for breakfast at 5am! Oh, I loved it!
Here's Jack on Saturday afternoon during nap time. So many toys, so little energy! LOL! Yep, he's just getting recharged for "Doggie Wrestlemania Part II". Doesn't he look about 3 feet long here? He stretches out so long, but then will curl up in a ball in his bed. He is such a sweet dog.
Kevin is getting a nasty cold so he's upstairs napping. We went to Wooster last night to get adhesives for the Zaney Girlz at Pat Catan's and enjoyed a nice dinner at Tumbleweed. I have laundry, vacuuming and supper on my agenda for today. I got my hair cut and colored this morning so I'm home for the day. I hope to organize or plan some pages/projects for my getaway in 13 days! I can't wait!
Hope everyone has a nice weekend. We're expecting snow so we'll see how much white fluff falls today/tonight. Brrr....

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