Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Furry Patient

The little guy smells sterile like the doggy hospital and needs his fur fluffed and tears wiped. His energy level is certainly NOT lacking post op. LOL! He was so happy to see his Momma and is doing just fine. He now weighs a whopping 6.5 pounds. He was a bit over 3 pounds when we got him. He's growing and growing. Such a cute little guy!
The receptionist at the vet sent home some doggy treats to share with Jack. Once the tails wagged a bit, they got to share the tiny doggy treats. Yum!
These two sure missed each other. You could tell by the immediate wrestling, chasing and stealing of toys. Uh, didn't one of them just have surgery? LOL! They said to limit Riley's activity for 2-3 days. Uh, yeah...right! How on earth can you do that to a fast-moving firecracker? LOL!
Some things might have changed about Riley from his surgeries, but some things didn't. Feisty little guy liked chomping Momma's fingers.
He didn't just have surgeries, he also got vaccinations, his ears cleaned and his nails trimmed. Talk about getting run through the ringer! LOL! He got two little syringes with pain med and a rabies tag for his collar. He got one syringe today when we got home and takes the other tomorrow. He has shown no signs of slowing down yet or any pain complaints, but they still want him to take it.
The boys have been going non-stop for over an hour now, so I just put them in their kennels to nap. Hmm...Momma might need to sneak down and stamp a card! Riley does need to send his doc a thank you. *wink*

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Anonymous said...

I want to see his incision. wow 6.5 Tucker is so far behind. hahaha. I'll get you a pic of the lil guy soon.