Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad to the Bone

After checking the status of the boys' rawhides, I needed to pull out a few new ones. Once they gnaw them down to a nub, I throw them out so they can't choke. I looked through the stash and found one large and one small plain bone. You'll see who got what after a while. Riley thinks he's the big dog and always has. Silly goose!
Then, they traded and were gnawing bones side by side. Yep, that lasted about as long as it took to snap this picture. Why is it that two dogs want the SAME bone regardless of how many lay on the floor? I wish I knew. LOL! At one point, Riley had BOTH of them and growled if Jack even walked in the room. What a sass! Jack gives him the whatfor right back! LOL!

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