Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Bath Time

I wish I could add Smell-O-Vision to this post. These pooches sure do smell good! For now at least! Pretty soon they'll smell like wet dog or dog slobber or dog burps or dog gas!
Riley's expression in this one just cracks me up! He knows he's cute, huh? LOL! Jack was all hunkered down like he was ready to pounce. Makes his legs look squatty, but really they're long! He's got those yummy pink ears that make him look like the Easter Bunny!
Uh, mom....could you do something about the Alphalfa look? geesh! Oops, must be the way I dried it! LOL!
Uh yes, the cute poses only lasted as long as I made goofy "dog-attention-getting" noises, then it was time to mess up their nice hairdos. Boys! They are so rough-n-tumble. Macy was so calm compared to these rascals! Plus, with two pups it's twice the rambunctiousness! Is that a word?
Riley was so tired after 3.8 minutes of fighting that he snuggled right up to Jack and passed out. Baths make him sleepy...Oh and the fact that they were up at 3am and 5:15am and never went back to sleep despite the fact that I went back to bed. Can you say "jump all over mom in bed?!" Yep, this Momma missed out on "sleep in on Saturday" and at 11am is still in her jammies (wet ones, mind you!) and now that Kevin has risen from the dead....well, he gets to do a few things for Momma. Can you say poop patrol? LOL!
I did at least get to enjoy this peace for about a half hour after they gave in to being super sleepy. Oh, aren't they cute?! I supposed to be doing my taxes today? Ah, maybe! Better get the wet towels picked up and the tub rinsed. Oh, the that means washing the towels and bath rug, then drying them, then folding them, then putting them away..........Maybe I should have a bath.....CALGON anyone? TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, speaking of going away.....I am in 27 days! I am going to the Funny Farm....uh, I mean the Craft Farm. Check it out! The Zaney Girls will be on the loose again (Mom, Connie, Joan and I).

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Lisadwb said...

Oh my goodness, I can almost feel how soft they are with my eyes. OK, does that make any sense? LOL

When are you going to the Craft Farm? I think that my LSS (Pizazzit!) gives a discount to scrappers staying there and Zane. You guys may have to do a little shopping that weekend. LOL