Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Mail!

I got some good mail today! Valerie sent me this super cute thank you card. She was my blog candy winner and how nice that I got a card in return! Love it!
It is so glitterlicious! Yes, that is a word. It means super sparkly and yummy!
Then, I got the new Magalogue from The Angel Company from Lisa! If you want to see the latest products just released from TAC, then click HERE to see them. She has an online ordering website or you can e-mail your orders to her. I am getting two sets (Edge Designs and Want to Fly) and can't wait to have some new RUBBAH! Now, if I can just get these rowdy boys to settle long enough for Momma to stamp, then we'll be in business! LOL!
Thanks to Valerie and Lisa for some good mail today!

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