Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Sunny Wednesday

The weather is a whopping 48 degrees here today with plenty of sunshine. This afternoon, the boys and I went outside to play and soak up some warm sunshine! :)
Time to play frisbee!
What's wrong Momma? Is this stick too big to chew? LOL!!!!
Riley looks like he's grinning, but really he's chewing a little stick. They love to munch any yard treats like sticks, "helicopters" and mulch. Weirdos!
Even Riley would go get the frisbee. The only problem was that neither boy wanted to give it back after they fetched. I had to wait for them to get bored and drop it so I could throw it again. :)
Before we went outside, they had Wrestlemania inside. Jack would sit up on the spare bed and glare at Riley. Riley would then jump as high as he could and try to snap at Jack. That led to Jack pouncing Riley on the floor and the biting began! They are only playing, but still...
At one point, Riley had some white fur hanging out of his mouth. Guess he won that round! LOL! Jack has plenty of fur to spare. LOL!
The bonus of being outside was this little happy discovery in the mulch. I saw daffodils peeking out!
I moved the mulch to find all those lovely little green sprouts! Ah, Spring must be near!!! 23 days 'til Spring begins! I am soooooo ready! :) What a happy,sunny Wednesday!

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Valerie said...

Yesterday was exactly what we needed in our house!! I turned off the heat, and opened the windows and it smelled like a spring morning.. The boys, Shelby, and I took a long walk.. The boys just ran and ran they were so happy to be outside.. Poor Shelby, I'm hoping we can get a fence this summer so she can be loose, and run!! Take care Natalie!