Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cindy's Card

I got this really unique card from my dear friend Cindy today. She always has the neatest cards. With living near New York City, she has access to cool paper stores! I'll have to ask her if she used a Cricut or something to cut out the word birthday as it was all one piece.
This pic is actually a bit blurry. I decided to just take quick pics on the kitchen table instead of running downstairs. It's too chilly willy down there! soon as I finish this post I'm getting under a blanket to get warm!
What is so neat about this card is that the back is given as much detail as the front. Cindy lined the fold with a row of sticky bling stones and the patterned paper wraps around to the back. Ooh....sparkly!
I took this one with no flash so you could see the glitter around each letter. Yum!
Thanks, Cindy, for the beautiful card! :)

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