Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flowers for Wanda

Riley is staying overnight at the vet after his neuter/hernia surgeries, so Jack is getting some special one-on-one attention. He went with me to our neighbor Wanda's and we took her flowers. He was such a gentleman and didn't bug anything in her house. He found a few of Toby's cat toys, but gave them to me when I said "drop it". Then, we went on a nice long walk. He pretty much walked me, but that's ok since we both needed the fresh air and exercise. :)
These colors are so gorgeous together! Makes me want to stamp a card using these colors.
Wanda is such a special part of our lives. Jack had never been over to her house since we adopted him. He loved her, which was no surprise. He is so nice to everyone. :)
Jack said "Mmm, Wanda...these sure do smell good. LOL!
I called the vet about 4pm and they said Riley did fine. I'll pick him up after lunch tomorrow. I can't wait to see him! I miss my little buddy! :)

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