Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wild Wednesday

The reason I titled this post "Wild Wednesday" is just from the fact that both dogs were in the car with me at once today. Riley was getting a haircut and Jack had a vet visit. What was so wild about it all??? Let me see....first it started with Jack gluing his behind to the driveway as he did NOT want to get in the car. He doesn't like car rides. Both boys were in the back seat because that's where I lifted them into. Then, while the car was moving both boys ended up in the front seat. Next, Jack decided to do the splits on the arm rest between the two front seats and couldn't get up. I pulled into the next street and got everyone back in place. This was all a mere TWO BLOCKS from home! Geesh! Finally, after turning onto the main two-lane highway, Jack decides to try and climb on the back of my neck! The only problem was I was driving a moving car on a two-lane highway WITH A STATE TROOPER AHEAD OF ME! I figured he'd give me a citation for "unruly animals in a moving vehicle". LOL! Oh my! Boys, boys, boys! I told Jack "sorry" while I yanked him by his front leg and firmly planted his behind in the front seat. Whew! Never again!!! I will take both dogs separately to their separate destinations even if it burns more gasoline. *sigh* Thank God for my safety today! I mean it! Never again!!! And, Jack needs to learn his "gas" manners. A nervous Eskie and rolled up windows don't mix. Shewwwwww.....weeeeeee! LOL! I know they make doggy seat belts, etc. I am all for safety, and they usually ride in the back, but today they hopped up and wanted to be with Momma (like, uh...on her head!) and thankfully we all arrived safely at the destinations. Entertaining, huh? *sigh*
Jack was due for his heartworm blood test and I talked to the vet about switching his food. I've figured out that he has a very sensitive tummy and we're going to try something different. He visited with EVERYONE at the office and thought everyone should be his friend. I love that he's social!!! He even exchanged kisses with another dog as it headed to its exam room. He weighed 22.5 pounds. He's only gotten 2.5 pounds bigger since we got him. Dr. Lynn said he's super healthy and just probably has irritable bowel or colitis. He whimpered about the needle, then just laid on the exam table with his cute doggy band-aid and rested. I took this picture once the doc left the room to finish his bloodwork. I'm a scrappin' doggy momma that needs those cute pics! LOL! Isn't his just adorable in this pic? Such a sweet face.

The only sad thing about being at the vet.....the last person he greeted on the way out was the momma to a cat who was being put down. I just said "God Bless You" with tears in my eyes and had to leave. What a sad time for that lady. :( I then dropped Jack off at home and went to pick up Riley at the groomer. Remember what I said about separate rides? Yep, didn't take me long to decide that Jack was going home before I picked up Riley.
He had this snazzy little Easter scarf on, which totally beats the girly bow from last time! LOL! He and Jack were super happy to see each other and just sniffed to get all the "info" on where each had been! LOL! Then, it was back to bone hoarding, fighting and wrestling. The only drama with Riley's day was that when I asked for his leash and collar they were missing. The groomers searched high and low, then called the other groomer who had left for the day. He didn't know where they were. Then, the owner decided to lift the trash can lid and they were in the trash! What?! We just laughed. They are small and the trash can is near the leash rack so maybe it fell in by accident. All I could think was "If they don't find it or sent it home on another dog, how do I let him down to go potty and him not run away. Or better yet, what all do I have to replace....tag, license, collar, leash, etc." was found. Yeah! Now he smells like pampered pooch shampoo and all is well. LOL!
Riley was going to town on this Nylabone. It's about as big as him. Look at that action shot of him trying to get his paw on it while he chomps it. LOL! My 'lil caramel blondie boy! I just sat and laughed at my silly boys this afternoon.
Riley looks like he's saying, "...but, I want THAT one!" That's how it always is. At one point, Riley had all THREE of these bones and refused to share with Jack. Then, Jack got one and Riley pouted. Sassy boy! They just make me laugh out loud. They are like real kids in a way.
About the only other thing I did today was work 1/2 day, update my blog, make strawberry banana pancakes and bacon for supper and next I'll watch American Idol. My favs are Allison, Adam and Kris. Adam is really my top fav. It was a nice sunny day, but there was a cool breeze. It might have been a WILD Wednesday, but it was a GOOD Wednesday! I even got a mag in the mail so I can drool on it later!
And finally....can you tell I've had little adult conversation this afternoon? Whew, I was writing a mini novel here! LOL!

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