Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jack's Sunday Adventure

While I made breakfast, the boys were outside. I have concluded that two puppies equals double the trouble! I looked out to find them running like mad through the yard and wet mulch, biting the black plastic under the mulch, pulling it into the yard and then rubbing themselves silly all over the very wet grass! I came outside to THIS MESS! Oh brother! Jack got his second bath in a week and Riley got a sponge bath. Both dogs have no idea why mud is a big deal to Momma. Geesh!
The gunk in the tub was nasty. (Yep, there's that 50s green tub again.) There is still some dirt on the back of Jack's legs. After wrestling him in the tub, then his crazy shaking routine to remove water from his fur...well, Momma gave up and took him out of the tub. These boys are crazy! Double trouble, I say. Double trouble! :) Uh, and their Daddy slept through the whole event! Oh brother! Boys boys boys....they think the back yard is their amusement park, but Momma was NOT amused!

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Valerie said...

Too funny!! I know how you feel.. I have Shelby trained to sit on the rug when I bring her in until I tell her it is okay to move.. Training her was not easy, but well worth the work!! Good luck with those crazy boys!