Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Recap

Not much going on today. After work, I took Jack for his bordatella (kennel cough) booster shot. He was only 22.8 pounds today...just up from 22.5 last visit. I was happy to report to Dr. Lynn that his new food is agreeing with him, too. He did better this time in the car. He was very happy to get out of it when we got there and went right in the door of the office. As usual, he visited with all the ladies at the office and soaked up all the lovin' and the "you're so handsome" compliments. :) No whimper with the needle stick and a smooth ride home (aka no doggy gas!! LOL!). Riley was happy to see his Bubby when we got home. They just love each other. I cut a few things out for a project with the Cricut while they napped and heated up supper after Kevin got home. Yep, dad had made pasta and all I had to do was heat it kind of cooking (thanks, Dad)! I shared some with Wanda as there was plenty for all of us, plus leftovers. Kevin made me laugh because he said he had forgotten how great it was to have mushrooms in a dish. You see, I don't like the slimball shrooms, so I rarely to never use them in dishes I make. I deprive the poor man. LOL!! Blehhhkkkkkkkk...shrooms are slimey! I asked him if he wanted me to make him a mushroom dish with mushroom gravy and some mushrooms on the side. He added that he would also need mushroom soup with that meal. Uh, yuck! LOL!

A light thunderstorm came through and once the sun started shining, I looked for a rainbow and found one!!! I love them! Now the storm has pushed to the east and the sun is shining here again! The boys weren't too sure about the thunder and kept looking for "the noisy thing" out the window. LOL!
*click for a closer look* You can see a very faint 2nd rainbow on the right. It was hard to capture with the camera, but was there. The sky was darker to the east and the sun was shining in from the west and I saw this one across the neighbor's back yard.
More of the main rainbow. Ahhhhh...isn't it beautiful? I love it!
In less than two minutes, this is how the sky changed. Weird, but neat! Love it! Rainbows are awesome. My friend Valerie (*waves to Valerie*) had e-mailed some wonderful rainbow pics the other day. Made me happy that I saw one here, too. :)
Well, I'm going to watch American Idol (go Adam Lambert!) later and do some more Cricut cuts. Kind of an easy day! I have to get more things done for Julie's bridal shower on Saturday so not much other stampin' going on here...Later, tater. Thanks for stopping by.

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