Saturday, April 4, 2009

Other QVC Layouts

Here are all but the last three layouts I have to assemble. I will try to post those tomorrow. Click each picture for a closer look at the details, layout, etc. There are 18 double-page layouts in this kit for about $36. I think that is fantastic! I know Mom will love it! She is my scrapbooking buddy! (Note: I took these pictures quickly in the natural light of my living room. Some colors appear more "blue", but you'll at least get the idea.)

Oops, there was a spot on my table and both pages above got dented. Oops!
There is either '08 or '09 that you can add to the circle of the Snapshots second page.
This page above was originally meant to be a baby page.
I changed it using small white rub-on letters and the flowered vine rub-on on the right page.
The title now says "Little Things Make Life Beautiful".
The original title for this layout was "teamwork", but I couldn't think of what Mom would use on a page about teamwork so I left it off. She can add a more appropriate title to match her photos. I kept all the extras and add-ons from these layouts for her to use elsewhere. You know we can't dare waste them! :)

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Do you suppose she'll fill up all the journaling spaces? LOL