Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday This 'n That

I got this adorable Easter card from Connie today. Those monkeys crack me up! *click for a closer look and see all her details* I love the glittery dots on the scalloped pieces. Yum!
Ahhhhh-ha! Yep, there are two guilty dogs in this house. Unfortunately, I can't prove the guilty party nor the time of the crime. DANG IT! This is the good woodwork at our front picture window in the living room. Look at the pic below and see if you can tell me which one is the guilty party! How on earth do I fix this? I literally counted how many toys/bones are in plain sight for them. TWELVE! That's twelve things that either squeak, roll, or can be chewed on. They always want what the other one has, but they still have enough that they should never "need" to chew the woodwork. I guess rawhide isn't the "flavor of the day" anymore. *sigh* I recently rearranged the living room furniture and now keep the ottoman in front of the window for a "lookout perch" for them. Looks like they were "couch potatoes" and helped themselves to a snack while sun-bathing near the window. Oh brother! Looks like it's time to bring out the Tabasco or some other chew deterrent to nip this behavior in the bud!
Possible guilty parties(shown here at the crime scene)= Jack, the white dog who is sneaky and quiet. He tends to slink around and pretend he'd NEVER do such a thing. Riley, the "big 'un" is his accomplice or perhaps the ring leader. It's too hard to tell at this point in the investigation. If you see either of these (yes, adorable) dogs doing what they shouldn't while Momma is in the shower in the morning, please feel free to smack their paws and say "NO!". *sigh* I announced to them (while gritting my teeth) that they will most likely NEVER graduate from being in a kennel while Momma and Daddy are at work. Testosterone=Trouble... Period. LOL!
This made me smile today. I knew a few blooms were emerging on our Christmas cactus. Last year, our former neighbor passed away. He gave us "Mr. Cactus" when he moved away. I think of him every time it blooms. I bet tomorrow or Saturday it will be all the way opened. There are a few more peeking out so I'll have some gorgeous hot pink blooms to enjoy soon. After seeing this today (in the same room as the crime scene), it reminds me that doggy chewing or woodwork or even a house for that matter just isn't as important as a person you knew or a life that has been lost. I'm still not letting them graduate despite my "tender" moment in Cactusland. :)

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Connie said...

Sounds like they need a little more "fiber" in their diet. I think they both look quilty. lol