Saturday, April 18, 2009

Counting Today's Blessings

Today was a wonderful day. I needed this gorgeous sunshine-filled day after a series of rainy days. I got up early, took Riley to the vet, got a haircut, picked up our order from Angel Food Ministries, and worked outside. Then, it was time to relax. These pictures aren't in order, but are just some of the many blessings from today. I'll have a list of more at the end of this post.
blue sky, fluffy clouds, light breeze, fresh air, lots of sunshine (this pic was taken at dusk)
The boys enjoyed some peanut butter bones outside. They have to stay outside or they'll stain Momma's carpet. :) I created a monster as they then wanted to go out about a billion times to lick them. *rolls eyes*
Wow, what a handsome boy! His fur is so fluffy right now. I brushed him a bit since he will get hotter faster in warmer weather and needs to shed. The fuzz was flying! LOL! I saw a lot of panting boys today since it was probably almost 70 degrees here.
Jack showing off for his "girlfriend" Bailey next door. hee hee She's part Boxer, part Blue Heiler(I think that's how you spell it.) She isn't too sure about me, but loves the boys. Silly girl!
Riley saying hi to Austin next door.. The boys just go to the fence and whimper and wag tails.
I have Johnny Jump Ups in the same spot as last year....the crevice between the garage foundation and the patio. I love happy little flower surprises!
Ahhhh...yummy green grass. I had to put my bare feet in this lusciousness! We mowed, picked up sticks, raked leaves and ran the weed eater. Nothing like the first mow in spring. *sniff sniff* Oh and yes, my allergies are wacked now. :) I know you want to click this picture to make it bigger and sniff your screen. LOL!
happy little hostas in the flowerbed behind the garage
Riley had his first routine hearworm bloodwork. It was negative so we got more Sentinel pills for heartworm prevention. My pups are so worth the bills of good vet care. :) Check out his cute pup band-aid....or his "badge of courage" as Dr. Lahmon called it. He didn't even whimper!
He was a whopping 8.8 pounds today...that's a jump from his February weight of 6.5 pounds. We still wonder how big he'll grow since he's a mixed breed. He's still a little guy. :)
And, last but not least....perhaps one of the BEST things about today was getting a sweet thank you card from my mom. I'd know that handwriting anywhere. Makes my heart thump when I see it. Love you MOM!
More of today's blessings:
crunchy granola raisin bran, cold skim milk, comfy jammies, warm shower, windows open all day, sunshine (even though I am now a bit sunburned), a nice vet office, Abby my hair stylist, Wanda my neighbor, Kevin in mismatched pajamas before his nap (striped shirt, plaid bottoms...he wouldn't let me take a pic!), seeing a friend drive by and honk, my camera, looking through old scrapbook mags and seeing notes from Mom (we share mags), more daffodils, both dogs wanting my attention at the same time, Angel Food Ministries, bare feet outside, a lower electric bill in the mail, Kevin unloading the dishwasher and helping outside, laughing, smiling, the moment backyard poop patrol was over (ick!), getting an e-mail from Julie with cute Tucker pictures, sitting outside, feeling safe in my neighborhood, hearing the birds singing, smelling a yummy supper, eating fresh strawberries, reading the newspaper (with minimal interruptions from pups), Riley snuggling next to me on the couch, Jack looking adorable while napping, hearing my dad's voice on the phone when he said "Hi sweetheart.", several glasses of ice cold water, doing the puzzle in the newspaper flyer, empty recycling bins, doggy nose marks on the window, seeing my sister in traffic and waving, Puffs Plus, allergy meds, my slippers, my health, memories of Macy, getting my to-do list done, seeing God's love from others, and....realizing just how blessed I am today! :)
I wanted to elaborate on Angel Food Ministries. It is an awesome ministry! Anyone can purchase foods through this once-a-month program. Just go to and see what church in your area is a distribution center. They have a main food package each month for just $30....that amount will feed a family of 4 for one week and the variety varies each month. They have additional add-on packages for a very reasonable amount. Today was the second time we've gotten their foods and we might do it again next month. Check it out! There is no "qualification" for this program. It is simply a way to save money and the people who started the program do it all to glorify God's name.

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