Sunday, April 26, 2009

Keepin' Cool

It's a hot one here today, folks! In order to entertain and keep the boys cool, I decided to blow up the kiddie pool we had bought for Macy years ago. It was still in the package, so that tells you she was never in it. LOL! I thought they would just run and splash and pounce and so on... Well...little did I know!
Riley wasn't too sure about it when I was blowing it up and took his careful approach when he introduced himself to the "thing". I would splash them and then let them taste the water on my fingers. They acted like I had introduced them to an alien! Well, it was round like a flying saucer...LOL!
Riley finally got all four paws in and drank the water like I had given him a watering hole in the middle of a desert. I figured he'd barf up gallons of water the way he scarfed it down. LOL!
Ooh...Momma...this is kinda fun! I can splash and dig and scratch.'s even tasty!
Meanwhile, Jack took a different approach.......AVOIDANCE! He didn't like the hose, the water, the splashing and really didn't like the idea of Momma setting him in the middle of the "thing". He decided to keep his distance and at any time Momma would open the back door, he disappeared out of sight. Lil Chicken!
You can see here just how wet he got....not very! That was from what I rubbed on him to coax him into the cool, yummy water. Nope, he didn't like it.
This routine lasted a mere five minutes tops with both boys. After that, it was bath time for Riley. He needed a bath anyway....he smelled like "outside puppy"....kind of a mix of dried worms, dirt and grass. LOL! Well, so much for entertaining these pooches, huh?!

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