Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter at Julie's

We went to Julie's for Easter. Just wanted to share a few highlights from the day. Here's the trio...Julie, Josh and Tucker(Riley's brother). Their wedding is just about 6 1/2 weeks away!
Rhonda took a basket of homemade chocolates to them that our co-worker made. Tucker was sniffing, but of course he didn't get any. Chocolate is toxic to dogs! Julie just wanted a cute picture of him with the doggy basket.
This is Daisy....Josh's sister's Yorkie. She's a peanut! It was hard to get a picture of her as she and Tucker move so fast all around while playing.
Tucker was "tuckered out" with all the company and excitement of Daisy and Sadie(Josh's parents' dog) and everyone around. Before we left, I had to get a picture with these little bunny ears. He was so subdued he probably wouldn't have cared if I turned him upside down to take a picture.
The silly thing is that I took several pictures while there, but most of them were of the dogs. Imagine that!! I was anti-camera when it came to taking my picture, but managed to get a few of Julie with her dad or Josh. We had such a nice time while there and the meal was delicious, too!

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