Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Much Fun? Not!

We got a lot of snow today. Not all of the 16 inches that you see in the first picture, but that was the grand total of snow in the back yard this evening when I measured. I'm guessing we got 8-10. Lots of schools were closed, events were cancelled and some businesses closed. Not ours!!! Ugh. I went to work 8-12 and the commute was UGLY! I live 1.6 miles from work and was ready to turn around and come back home. Yep, it was bad. Road weren't even plowed in town yet. When I got home after work, I had to stomp through the deep snow to get in the house(thank goodness for my Uggs!). I fed the boys, then shoveled from the house out towards the street. After Kevin got home he shoveled more, then our neighbor boy used his 4-wheeler to clear out the end of the driveway where the plow had blocked us in/out. Yeah! However, all that shoveling now means super sore muscles all over my body. Ugh. At least we have both vehicles in the driveway. Whew! I feel like a human popsicle after being out shoveling twice and playing with the boys. They love snow! Jack even got a walk tonight! Lucky dog!

I love the puppy paw prints in the snow.

I always shovel a path through the yard for the boys. I made a big rectangle and the snow is about as deep as Jack is tall. Riley and Jack chase each other or hunker down and play hide 'n seek with each other in the pathway. At one point Riley jumped in the middle of the deep snow and I thought he was going to be buried. He basically "swam" his way back to the path. LOL!

Jack is a goofball that leaps in the deeper parts. I did not shovel a path in the right half of the yard as I was whooped doing just the rectangle on the left side. Silly boy doesn't care where Momma shovels...he hops like a rabbit wherever! LOL!

Even though it is cold out, the icicles were dripping today. There is one that has to be four feet long hanging just outside our big front window. The front gutter is full of ice and I am praying it can hold up until everything melts. *crosses fingers* Woo hoo! I see pavement in this picture. That was after the plow came and it was almost dark then! Cars have been going by faster now.

I shoveled a path to our front porch from the driveway so the mailman could get to the mailbox. It's now 6:30pm and I don't think we even have mail yet! Maybe the carriers got a snow day off? Who knows. I am so grateful the neighbor boy plowed out the drive. The roads are finally visible, but we are expecting more snow tonight. Oh what fun....NOT! At least I won't get stuck at the end of my driveway tomorrow morning like I did this morning. That was not fun! I think I said "oh my God" out loud (yeah, sorry mom) when I got stuck then saw cars coming from both directions yet couldn't move up or back. I floored it and spun. Then I floored it again with all my might and by golly got back in the drive. Then I gunned it and got out into the street. I don't like driving in this mess! Can ya tell? LOLLLLLL!
Think I'll have an Advil now and rest. hee hee

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Lisadwb said...

Oh my, Look at all that snow. And look at those two funny fellows romping in the white stuff. LOL You know, we still have lots of ice covered things (trees, signs, cars) 5 days after our ice storm!!! The ice took out our TV dish- and it won't be repaired until FRIDAY!! Don't they care that HB wants to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow?