Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 93rd Irene!

My great aunt Irene is 93 today! Wow! We visited her in the nursing home where she has been staying for rehab. She has been in and out of the hospital and is so excited she gets to go home Saturday. Here she is with her birthday cheesecake from Connie.
Mmm...this was my piece! It was delicious! Connie even sent extra home with us! Yum!
Can't have a party without balloons. Connie got her these and it was personalized with 93rd.
Connie and Larry sent flowers, too. They are so loving and giving to her. What a great person to celebrate today! Irene sure loves life and always has a great or funny story to tell. We just love her! So glad she made it another happy year!

One of the special guests at Irene's party was Roxy! She had her party dress on! She is the furbaby of Connie's boss Robin. She did ballerina moves for treats! LOL! She also visited some of the other residents and even let them pet her. What a cutie!

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