Thursday, January 22, 2009

'Lil Caramel Blondie

Here's a little story about a pup named Riley. He was one of the cutest pups ever!
This pitiful pup needed a makeover really bad, so...
...he went to get his first haircut at the groomer on Wednesday. He is now sporting a caramel blondie look since his black tips have been cut off. With his brindle coat, he's got such a color variation. He looks like a different dog now with the black tips gone. you like his little red bow? His daddy said he looked like a girl with it. Well, it didn't stay in long, because....
...Jack helped him get rid of the "girly" look. Momma took this picture as Jack was trying to take the bow out....with his teeth! The bow is attached with a tiny rubber band and Momma quickly put the camera down when she saw Riley's hair being yanked! Ouch! Jack said his 'lil bro needs to be a manly dog so he took care of it for him. LOL! Momma is gonna put it in his scrapbook.
This is an odd picture of the 'lil brown weasel. His big bro was sniffing as they ran around the hallway, so momma had to take a quick picture. She was trying to get a pic of his caramel blondie hairdo. Looks pretty soft, huh? Don't let it fool you....his pup hair tangles easily. That's why his momma has to brush him a lot. Oh, do you see big bro in the top left corner...just the nose. LOL! *sniff sniff* He was checking to make sure he was still the same 'lil bro who left looking like a ragamuffin hippie! *sniff* Yep, it was still the same ornery brother!
Riley looks cute coming and going. Like his new bum look? It's all shaped up and shaved, but boy is it cold outside and he wishes for the fur back. He shivered pretty good after being outside with his big bro Wednesday afternoon. They were huntin' for popsicles. I bet their momma will post some pics of two cute 'sicle hunters soon. :) You know what the popsicles are? Icicles that momma knocked down. Yum Yum!
He looks like he's 3 feet long. Check out this slim tike sportin' his snazzy jacket. His momma has to try and find a longer jacket in size "slim" so his bum stays warmer. This vest just isn't cuttin' it in the winter weather and his letterman jacket is short, too. She checked Wally World, but might have to check PetSmart for other styles. He was in the front window scoping out other snazzy pups. Only one came by but she winked at big bro Jack, not him. Riley thought to himself that maybe she could see the wrinkle in his hair where the bow was and thought he was a girl. *snort*
Until next time.................WINK!
So, all you blog fans....did you think I was gettin' my first trim at the groomer? Whether you got the answer right or not momma put your name in the drawing. And the winner by a random drawing of all the names is.....VALERIE! Natalie will mail out your goody box this weekend! Thanks to everyone for guessing and for reading my momma's blog. She likes to share goofy stories. Unfortunately, my big bro and I keep her busy and she misses her craft table time. I guess I better behave now so she can post something crafty next time. Oh'll be a page about me. *Riley does the happy dance* You know I'm cute, huh? LOL! *wink*
Oh and by the way....I did lose a puppy tooth in the front recently. My momma found out since I stole her light pink slipper and when she found it there were tiny red dots of blood on it. Oops....she noticed that and then noticed my toofer gone. Tee hee! I like to steal slippers! LOL!
Momma is off to get a much-needed massage at Miss Vickie's. She's the best! Ahhhh.....

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