Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowed In Saturday

It's been snowing all morning. We got a quick accumulation yesterday that made everyone shuffle to get groceries, finish errands, etc. in preparation for the next accumulation of several inches today. Abby called to cancel Kevin's haircut and we renewed library books over the phone instead of in person. We're skipping the Saturday paper since neither of us wants to drive in this. And....we're both still in jammies. The boys LOVE the snow. It is now up to Jack's knees (yes, dogs have knees! LOL) so I have to shovel an area in the yard for Riley to comfortably go potty. Funny thing though...he runs the entire yard with Jack and gets covered and globbed up with snow clods on his belly anyway. They are so silly. Looks like I'll get laundry done today, clean the bathroom....oh and yeah....take a nap with sleepy pups. LET IT SNOW!!! It doesn't look as deep in the back of the yard, but I'd say we already have 6 or so inches and the snow is falling fast! The snow drifts from shoveling are as tall as Jack, but Riley just jumps through them. LOL! I remember snow to my waist in Minnesota and I'll take this instead.
I took this picture from the kitchen window. As the snow falls quickly, the boys just run, play and eat snow. I'm curious to see how much we'll get today. I might have to take a yard stick out if it gets interesting so I can measure!
Riley cracks me up. He goes up his puppy stairs, then either sits on the window ledge or walks along the ledge from end to end. He can't turn around, but he'll go forward then backward. Silly Riley! I had to take this one quick because he changes his mind or position too often. At least I got this pic so I can remember his silliness.
Excuse the fact that this is a picture of the gunk in our trash can. I just had to show proof that the boys are ornery. I have this plaid flannel robe with a red rope belt. Well, I no longer have the belt. Some ornery boys shredded the dickens out of it while Kevin slept in the spare bed. He was up with them in the middle of the night and at the crack of dawn. He laid in the spare bed and didn't realize until he got up that they had attacked my robe. I rarely wear the robe and never liked the belt, so I couldn't care any less that they did this. Just makes me laugh!
My goal today is to start planning some scrapbook pages about the boys. I may even make a card. If I get anything crafty done between referree sessions with these ornery boys, I'll post it. Stay warm!

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