Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pray for Irene

My great aunt Irene is 93. I've talked about her on here before. She's just a dandy. Unfortunately for several weeks she has been going between the hospital, nursing home and actually got to go home once for two days. Right now she is back in the hospital with an infection. Her white counts are double the norm and they think she's dehydrated. They have to run tests to determine what kind of infection.

The toughest part is convincing Irene she needs to be in assisted living and simply can't go home right now. She just wants to be home. Who wouldn't? Please pray for her healing and pray for wisdom for the doctors, nurses and family members who care for her and help with major decisions. Please pray for motivation and courage for Irene so she just doesn't get too bummed and give up.

I post things like this here because even if one blog visitor says a prayer, God WILL hear it. Thanks!

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