Friday, January 23, 2009

This 'N That

Well, Irene has C. Difficile. That is a bacteria that can cause from diarrhea to inflammation of the colon. It is most common in older patients or those in hospitals for long-term care facilities. Irene has been bouncing between the two for a few months now. She is in isolation and highly contagious, so I won't be visiting. She agreed to assisted living, but at this point we have to see how she does day to day. Thanks again for your prayers.

After work tonight I ran to Mansfield to return two clothing items from Christmas and got store credits. I then ran to Joann Fabrics and was thrilled at their sale on paper. Yes, I bought more! I also got some really cute tiny clear stamp sets for $1...some for me and some for others. I have a to-do list started for tomorrow and will see how far I get on that. I hope to finish journaling a page about Riley and make some cards this weekend, as well as design some wedding invitations for Abby (my hair stylist). I hope to post something crafty soon. Unfortunately, my carpal tunnel has been really bad this week and my hands are going numb at odd times. The pain and weakness is from my ear lobes to my fingertips. I know it is all getting worse, but I'm afraid of what the doc would say if I see him. Surgery? EMG testing? Eek. All I did was mop the kitchen earlier this week and it's all gone south since. Ugh. I had a massage with Vickie last night and man did she rub some kinks out! I am super sore today and hope to get a good night's sleep and relax with the help of good 'ol Mr. Flexeril Pill. *sigh*

Until then....night night.

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