Monday, January 5, 2009

Comfy New Beds

On my merry excursion to Wal-Mart tonight, I finally got the boys some new comfy new beds for their kennels. Once they are old enough (and trustworthy) to roam the house while we're at work, they can enjoy them outside their kennels.
After biting the corner for a while and getting it "just right", he finally snuggled in and closed his eyes.
Jack sniffed his for a while. He pawed at it and scratched some. He never laid in it and who knows if he ever will. At the time Riley was laying in his bed outside the kennel....well, Jack preferred the spare bed....all stretched out. His bed is good for snuggling, but at times he prefers to be sprawled out like this. What a sleepy face!!
So, I put Jack's new bed up on the spare bed thinking he might "try it out". Riley laid in it with my sweatshirt while Jack laid on the bed still. This position lasted only minutes because you know two pups can't miss an opportunity to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Ugh!
Yep, it only took me a mere THIRTY MINUTES to type this small post. Silly boys! At least they'll be comfy! LOL! Now it's time for us all to get comfy together in the big bed upstairs. Night night!

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